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One Who Leads

by Matt Loomis

A leader is one who leads. What an oversimplified definition of the responsibility and dedication required to be a leader! Leading often means choosing and or doing what is right or best even when it is not advantageous to the leader. At times it is costly and brings hardships upon a leader. But the essence of leadership is putting the success and interests of others before our own.

Whether as a leader of peers, a leader in the home or the leader of God’s people, leaders are interested in modeling what is right. Perhaps a child seeing a parent return extra change to a cashier who has made a mistake or a peer who has a shoulder to lean on in harsh times. Those who rely on us deserve a leader who will stand in the face of compromise. We are to be leaders who look to those around us and say, “I will do what is right.”

Pilate, the Roman Governor who found no fault in Jesus, was a leader by title. His voice carried the power to direct the life or death of Jesus. Yet when confronted by the possibility of an angry mob, blackmail by religious leaders, and the loss of position, he washed his leadership from his hands and stepped away. Although fully aware of what was right, he chose position over principle.

May leaders remember that principle: the essentials of true leadership has always been the bedrock of a leader. Without it every leader will fail. They may retain a title, but they forfeit their leadership.

Let’s determine to be more than just, “one who leads.” Instead be a leader!


Video Friday: Pastor Tom on Leadership

Before last January’s leadership conference, Tom and Heath sat down to talk about leadership.

Make plans to be part of this years leadership conference January 27-28, 2012.

Why do you think investing in the next generation is so important?

A Place of Joy

by Carol Pilcher

Open doors of faith and hope in young girls’ lives with powerful ministry that meets girls where they are.  Girls encounter many difficult situations as they grow up, but by intentionally fostering relationships between girls and leaders you can create a safe place for girls to discuss issues they face and get godly counsel.  Through Girls Clubs each girl can hear that God loves them and wants a relationship with her.

In other places of the world imagine 10- and 11- year-olds taking care of young siblings because their mother is too sick to help.  Imagine a place where everyone is touched by HIV/AIDS.

This, too, is girls ministries.  Through this year’s Coins for Kids missions project, Girls Ministries are providing cooking kitchens for families in South Africa who are in dire need of sanitary food and water preparation spaces.

These are called A Place of Joy South African Cooking Centers.

Each kitchen will have a stove, refrigerator, and cookware. The families will also experience support from local churches in their community.  This will be a safe place for children to get a hot meal, ministry, tutoring, activities and counseling.  Each child can hear that God loves her and wants a relationship with her.

To inspire your girls to raise money for this important project and to provide an opportunity for girls to invite friends to a fun event (with a clear gospel message), consider hosting a sleepover this year. For more information or to download this free sleepover resource, visit here.

Whether in our own churches or in a far away country Girls Ministries is there to help each girl. Her heart…her world…his purpose.