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Healthy Church Network

This year, the churches of the Iowa Ministry Network have a wonderful opportunity to partner with the AG Healthy Church Network in a process called the Acts 2 Journey.  Several districts have already begun this year-long journey to help pastors and their Vision Teams discover and pursue God’s direction for their churches.

The Acts  2 Journey begins with a Discovery Weekend where church leaders have an opportunity to learn more about how the Acts 2 Journey can impact their church through informative presentations and direct contact with national church consultants and coaches.  With this information, the local church leadership can decide whether this is God’s time for their church to engage in the Journey.

Once the church leadership decides to join the Acts 2 Journey, they will commit to a one-year journey of development (four weekend retreats) that includes in-depth training, personal coaching, meaningful connecting, prayer, visioneering and strategic planning.  This team experience helps each church find its own unique direction and plan for future effectiveness, while enjoying the encouragement of other congregations in the same process.

I would like to invite you and your team to attend the Discovery Weekend on March 16 – 17, held at Heartland Assembly of God in Ankeny.  Pastors are invited to attend on Friday from 1 – 6 PM, and the pastor and his or her team will meet on Saturday from 9 AM – 4 PM.  Discovery Weekend is free of charge (includes Saturday lunch).  Your only costs are transportation and lodging.

You can access a great video about the Acts 2 Journey through by clicking here.

If you are interested in joining us for this weekend or are interested in more information about the Discovery Weekend and the Acts 2 Journey, please contact the Iowa Ministry Network office by Monday, February 20th at (515)276.5493.

I hope to see you and your team on March 16-17!


Discovery Weekend

Do you desire to lead a “healthier expression of the kingdom of God” in 2012?  I’m encouraging each of our Pastors and local church leadership teams to check out the Acts 2 Journey with the Healthy Church Network during our Discovery Weekend March 16-17, 2012.  The Acts 2 Journey is an opportunity for Pastors and their leadership teams to work together to examine their local church and to discover God’s direction to develop in connecting, growing, serving, going and worshipping.  Details about the Acts 2 Journey will be presented during our Network Sectional Tour, February 13 through March 1.  Until then, keep watching for tweets and blogs for more details.

The Process of Nominating Board Members – Part 1

by Tom Jacobs

Healthy churches are led by healthy leadership teams.  As pastors and boards work well together, churches function more effectively in achieving their God-given mission.  Therefore, it is imperative that qualified individuals are nominated (and eventually elected) to local church boards.  These individuals will demonstrate a blend of character, competence, capacity, calling and chemistry.  Following are some items to consider when nominating your future board members.

1. Pray.  God has a plan for your church leadership.  This is a spiritual process in which your church enters the process of discovering the will of God for your future leadership.  Prayer should be an integral in every step of the process.

2. Follow your bylaws.  It is imperative that you follow your bylaws in order for this process to be legitimate.  If you feel that your current bylaws do not prescribe the best board nominating process, you must lead the church to consider changing the bylaws.  It is best to consider a bylaw change prior to the nomination and election process, so that it is not influence by a specific election or an individual who has been nominated.  Proposing changes can take time, but it is always best to follow the process.  If you need assistance along these lines, contact our office.

3. Form your team.  Your bylaws may prescribe a process of appointing a nominating committee.  You may be allowed to simply charge your board with the responsibility of serving as a nominating committee.  Whatever the case, you will want to have individuals on this committee who understand the leadership issues that the board will face.

4. Know what you’re looking for.  The more qualified the board members, the more effective the board will be.  Look for leaders who demonstrate Christ-like character, competence (the skill set to provide solid, spiritual leadership), capacity (do they have the time and emotional and relational reserves?),  calling (does he/she believe this role is God’s will for his/her life?), and chemistry (will he/she be a good fit with the pastor and current board members?). A suggested Board Member Ministry Description can be found here.

5. Develop your list.  Meet with your nominating committee to pray and discuss possible candidates.  Prior to arriving at the meeting, produce a roster of eligible church members for the committee to review.  Develop a list of candidates.  If possible, place at least two names for each available position.

6. Determine the candidates’ willingness to be considered.  This is typically done best via a phone call or personal visit.  It doesn’t necessarily need to be a long conversation at this point.  Simply ask the person to prayerfully consider the possibility.  If he/she doesn’t give you an immediate answer, set a time to get back together in order to get their response.

Check back tomorrow for Part 2!