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Start Today


by Lori Jacobs

“A year from now you will wish you had started today.”

When I read this quote a few months ago, I made a list of goals, some were big, some seemed trivial. I asked the question, “What do I need to begin doing today to accomplish those goals?”

After watching our son run in high school and college for the past several years–admiring his strength, discipline, endurance, and perseverance–one of the dreams on my list was to run a 5K. I realized if the training didn’t happen, the goal would never be accomplished.

So, with the blessing of an unseasonably warm January, and a very patient son running alongside me, I donned some workout clothes, running shoes, and started–one foot in front of the other. I gave new meaning to the words slow and steady, but I worked up to a half mile, then one mile, then two. Just a few months later, on a cloudy morning in April, I crossed the finish line of my first 3.1-mile run.

God has placed some ministry dreams in my heart that seem unreachable. But He is teaching me some valuable lessons through my running experience that will help me accomplish His bigger dreams. Lessons learned:

  1. Define the dream.
  2. Tell a friend who is an encourager rather than a dream-killer.
  3. Make the sacrifice.
  4. Pray with every step.
  5. Expect resistance.
  6. Memorize a scripture to help you conquer #5. (Mine was Phil. 4:13)
  7. Refresh yourself along the way. (One sip of water works wonders.)
  8. Keep your eyes on the goal.
  9. Celebrate.

What are your dreams? There are none too trivial and none too big.


A year from now you will be so thankful you started today.



Creating Family Time

by Matt Loomis

ImageAs we look into our ministry, professional and personal goals, we must never forget that time is an expensive commodity. We all have been allotted a certain amount of time by God and it is up to us to decide how to use that time. In your busyness remember to create moments of time specifically for family. It’s mandatory  for our busy schedules.

If you’re involved in ministry as a pastor – Sunday morning doesn’t count as family time! Look for other opportunities to create special moments. Whether they occur spontaneously or you create a regular family night, your family appreciates having you to themselves, so look for those moments on the busy calendar of life, and in permanent ink, create some moments for family.

Don’t forget to make some memories in the spur of the moment. Recently, I saw a friend’s picture who had purposely left home a little early as he and his family drove to a speaking engagement. On the way he saw some huge metal sculptures of dinosaurs and other animals along the road. Because he had purposely left early he was able to create moments with his family as they spent some time up close with these sculptures.

I have yet to hear of a single person’s dying words being, “I spent way to much time with my family.” Conversely, I have heard of many regretful persons lament, “I should have spent more time with my family.” Seasons of busyness will come and go, but our determination to create moments of time for our families must remain constant.

My greatest cause should be that my family experience Christ’s love through me. To do that effectively I must create moments in which I can foster those experiences. So take some time now, get that permanent pen out and create some moments!

Think. Dream. Invest.

During the RedCulture Fall Conference on Saturday, November 12th, we will take an offering and make a commitment to our missionaries around the world. Here are a few of the projects we are currently working on:

Stuart German (Asia Pacific)              Video Projector                 $825.00

Andy Reed (United Kingdom)             Next Term Vehicle            $35,000.00

Colfax Teen Challenge (Iowa)            Vehicle Grant                     $25,000.00

OneHope (South Africa)                     BOH Package                   $49,036.00

Richard Lang (Russia)                        Next Term Vehicle            $35,000.00

Richard Lang (Russia)                        Media Equipment             $20,000.00

Chris Mann (Jewish Ministries)          Stateside Vehicle              $20,000.00

                                                             Total:                            $184,861.00

How will you be relentless?