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Video Friday: Fall Conference!

Fall conference is just a few short weeks away!


Cool Video Friday: What can STL/BGMC do?

If you’ve ever wondered, What do my Speed the Light and BGMC dollars do? Watch this.



by Tom Jacobs

The Iowa Ministry Network theme for August is “Mission.”  The Assemblies of God has adopted the following four missional priorities:

1. Evangelize the lost

2. Worship God

3. Disciple believers

4. Compassionate acts of service

Looking over this list, the temptation is to say, OK, we have the mission issue resolved, let’s move on to the next task.  However, our mission is only as good as our response to it.  We need to test everything we do in the local church against our mission.  We can begin to do that by asking the following questions:

1. What are we doing?  Make a list of the current ministries of your church (Sunday worship, Christian education, midweek discipleship, etc).  List everything and get it down on paper.  You may need to double check with your leadership team to see if you missed anything.  The number of ministries can be surprising once you see them on paper.

2. Why are we doing it?  Next to each ministry, note which of the missional priorities mentioned above are accomplished through the ministry.  For instance, your church’s Sunday morning service may be focused on worship and discipleship.  The substance of that service will look much different than a service focused on evangelism.

3. How are we doing?  This question asks a couple of things.  First, are we succeeding in our purpose for a given ministry?  For instance, if our Sunday morning service is focused on evangelism, are we successfully reaching people for Christ? Second, are we fulfilling all four missional priorities?  A healthy church will intentionally incorporate these four priorities, and will use the priorities to evaluate their ministry health.

I encourage every IMN pastor to walk through these questions with your leadership team.  The process of the discussion may be as important as the conclusions you arrive at.  I’m praying that God will help us to accomplish the mission He has set before us in the power of the Holy Spirit.