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Video Friday: Chi Alpha

Chi Alpha has produced two brand new promotional videos. You can view and download a great  or a story of how Chi Alpha is impacting the local church by clicking on the videos below.



Would you like a tour?

You might have noticed things look a little different around the website. (You can read this great post from Pastor Tom to gain some insight into our reasoning for the change.) Since things look a little different, we thought it might be a good idea to give you a quick tour of all the new website has to offer.

Home Page is the first thing you see when you make your way to the website. We have a scrolling banner highlighting upcoming events and important information. Along the side, we have links to our latest videos, the RedCulture portion of the site and a link to Sunstream’s brand new website. Plus, we have a calendar highlighting upcoming events and the latest from our Twitter feed. Along the bottom, you’ll see some links we think you might find helpful. Across the top, you’ll see About Us, Departments, Resources, ISOM, Calendar and Media. These six tabs will help you to navigate the website.

About Us gives a basic overview of our staff, our history, what we believe and our contact information. These pages are intended to help those interested in our network find information quickly and to help those in our network learn more about our staff, history and beliefs.

Departments gives information about the different ministries and supports available to our churches and leaders. This is where you can find information about Children’s Ministries, Girls Ministries, Royal Rangers, Red Culture, Chi Alpha, Women’s Ministries, Men’s Ministries, Discipleship Ministries, US Missions, World Missions, Music and Sunstream. We have resources available for those just starting out in these ministries all the way up to those looking for advanced training with more to come.

Resources gives pastors quick information about credentials and renewals and finance. The downloads tab will be a place to find any downloadable resources we offer on the website.

ISOM gives you opportunity to learn more about the Iowa School of Ministry, download information and (eventually) register online.

Calendar stores all of our information about upcoming events.

Media provides information about or blogs, photos, podcasts and videos. This is a great way to stay connected and interact with what’s happening around IMN.

We are so excited about everything our new website has to offer. If you’re having trouble finding something on the website, please call Ashley at (515)276.5493.

We’d like to thank Disciple Portal for their design and support as we make this transition. For more information about Disciple Portal, click here.

Seeing What Can Be

by Jonathan Barthalow

Some time ago Tom and Heath captured a vision for the college campuses and university students across our state.  And now, God is sweeping across eight campus mission fields through the ministry of Chi Alpha, and we know that He has even greater things in store.  Because of their leadership and vision Chi Alpha is in place at UNI and seven students were able to encounter God and give their hearts to Him last during the first meeting of the school year!

A crucial aspect of leadership is vision.  Without a vision of what could be, we are wandering in the dark only seeing what is, with no direction and little hope for what lies ahead.  We need to get a hold of God and ask him for the vision to see things the way He sees them.  Perhaps right now, in your home, church or city all you see are things that are not as they should be.  Pray for God’s eyes to show you how He sees things.  On the college campus, there are many opportunities to look around and be disheartened by all that is broken and distorted, but we choose to celebrate what God is doing in the lives of those who are boldly and confidently at work restoring what has been damaged.  We see him at work in the darkest of places, and we’re encouraged by his plans and his work.

The mayor of Newark, New Jersey, Cory Booker, visited the projects and met up with a woman who had lived there all her life.  She asked him to look around and tell her what he saw.  He said, “I see a drug deal over there, broken down buildings,” and proceeded to tell her everything he could see that was wrong.  She turned to him and said, “You can’t help us.”  She knew that until he saw the project for what it could be, instead of what it was he would be of no use to them.  Let’s be that woman in the lives of the people in our sphere of influence and in our communities.

Moving the Finish Line

by Jonathan Barthalow

The statistics are staggering: depending on which study you read, between 60-85% of students who grow up attending church do not attend church in college and beyond. As leaders, the most effective way to retain these young adults is to move the finish line  from graduation from high school to the time our students get connected as adults in church. Many of you have spent the past 18 years investing in the lives of students in your church, many of whom are headed off to college this month.  We want to help see your students not only continue attending church, but see their relationships with Jesus grow while at college.  Chi Alpha is on 8 campuses this fall:

University of Northern Iowa
Clinton Community College
Iowa State University
Iowa Central Community College
Scott Community College
Iowa Lakes Community College

If you have a student heading to one of these schools this fall, please reply with their contact information. Together, let’s move the finish line and see our young adults mature in their faith!

Young Adults Retreat!

This fall, we will be hosting a retreat for all young adults (high school seniors, college students, and those in their 20s) at the Sunstream retreat Center September 30 & October 1. We are so excited about this great opportunity to come together to worship and build community among the young adults of our state.

Early bird registration is available until September 1st at a rate of $40 per person, which includes your meals and lodging for the weekend. After September 1st, registration will go up to $50 per person. Please see this: College Car 2011 Reg. Fill out out and mail, email or fax it to the IMN office as soon as possible. Registration will begin at 5PM on September 30th and service will start at 7PM. We will wrap up at 4PM on Saturday afternoon.

Please feel free to use this promotional flyer (fall retreat promo 2011). If you have any questions, please contact Jonathan Barthalow at (515)473.5208.

BGMC Pheasant Hunt

A few days ago I was privileged to sit in a training session with 14 individuals who are intentionally targeting university campuses in the fall of 2011. Over and over again I was reminded of the promise God gave me in the fall of 2008, “If you reach the university, I will send missionaries back to the nations who already know the language, culture, and do not need to raise a budget.” Chi Alpha enables us to influence the influencers in our nation as well as send international students back home having encountered Christ. Three years later we find ourselves on the verge of an answered prayer and a realized dream.

BGMC has generously offered partnership with Chi Alpha in Iowa. Excellence is a standard we deem normal. If we are going to reach the university we need resources. Each year leaders such as you give to BGMC. I am asking you to focus some of those resources strategically in order to successfully move forward with Chi Alpha in our state.

Chi Alpha is hosting a Pheasant Hunt Missions Rally at Doc’s Hunt Club in Adel on Saturday, October 22nd.   It will be a great day of skeet shooting and pheasant hunting.  Seven birds will be released for each hunter, as well as a guide and hunting dog for each party.  You are welcome to bring as many people as you’d like from your church however, we are asking that each hunter be prepared to make a pledge of at least $1,200 to be paid over the coming year.  Also, we would ask that each hunter bring a seed offering to the event.  Please see this flyer for more information. If you have any further questions please call Jonathan Barthalow at 515-473-5208.

Thank you for being a part of sustainable impact in Iowa. He is on the move in our land. His fame is to spread worldwide. As we embrace the responsibility to resource our college ministries, please remember, that you are sowing seed into the soil of eternity. God bless you!