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Renewed Vision

by Ebon Carter

In 1997, Ranee and I felt God moving in our hearts that started us on a journey that eventually led us to Sunstream. Although we are honored by the privilege to minister to all age groups, we have always had an affinity for ministry to young people.

We believe the creator of the universe has planted a seed of greatness in every young person and it is our opportunity to nurture that seed into its full potential.

Things at the campgrounds are going well and the future looks bright. God is moving on all fronts, but sometimes you can get so close to something that you lose focus of the big piture.

Because of this, Ranee and I have decided to get involved once again in youth ministry. We are helping in a local youth group and we are having the time of our lives! God is using this experience to renew a passion for the next generation! It is our prayer that these future leaders can experience God in a fresh and unique way that will challenge them to rise to their full potential.

This renewed passion has infiltrated every aspect of our ministry and has caused us to look at Sunstream with fresh vision. Our prayer is that your vision becomes clear once again and you are once again renewed and encouraged by His call.


Sunstream Retreat Center

by Ebon Carter

Sunstream exists to serve the local church in off-site ministry. Our hope is that churches from across the state find us as a valuable tool as they strive to move their constituency closer to the Kingdom of God.

Hospitality, accommodations, and amenities are the core tools used to help Sunstream serve you while you are on campus. We are working to upgrade our already high-quality food service and constantly work to develop unique ways to serve our customer as we strive to keep hospitality in focus.

Our sleeping and meeting accommodations are quickly becoming some of the best in Iowa and our activities such as the zip lines are second to none. Keep a close watch on 2012 as we plan to add some dynamic activities we are sure all will enjoy! Our mission is to serve the local church and partner with them to reach more for Jesus.

To book an event:

Call 855-4GO-2SRC (855-846-2772) or email info@sunstreamretreat.org

Sunstream’s website has a fresh look – check it out here!

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