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Video Friday: Merge


Do you have questions about Merge? We have a video that should answer (almost) all of your burning Merge questions!

Also, you could win an iPad simply by registering for Merge today (plus, you’ll get the best rate possible). For more information, including online registration, visit



Video Friday: Engage

A few months ago, a team from The Gateway Church in Des Moines took a trip to Anemona, El Salvador, to team up with Enlace to impact the community in El Salvador. Gateway has entered into a long-term relationship with the community in Anemona, the church, and their pastor. Each Tuesday, the church in Anemona prays for The Gateway Church and Gateway is committed to developing relationships in El Salvador and supporting their work there.

Pray about how your church can engage your community as well as communities far away!

Being Provoked to Engage

For decades, it’s been described as “holy” and “disciplined” for Christians to remove themselves from anything corrupt, evil or broken about society. But Christians are left wondering how to navigate the terrain of being salt and light in a twenty-first century world. How are followers of Christ called to respond to sin and corruption found all around them? Do we run towards it or preserve our purity and holiness in the midst of a fallen world?

This video from Q Ideas and Jo Saxton challenges that idea.


Video Friday: Sunrise

Sometimes we miss one of the best transitions of the day: Sunrise. Not long ago, a team in California committed to film the sunrise every day for a month. This is what they came up with:

31 Days of Sunrise

Video Friday: Transition

For those of you who are parents, you understand that kids seem to grow about as quickly as in this video. A dad filmed his daughter each week until her twelfth birthday and this is what he came up with:

Kids grow up very quickly! As parents, pastors and leaders, we have a unique window of opportunity to invest in our children and students. Celebrate each transition!

Video Friday: The Brilliance

If you enjoyed the song played during Monday evening’s Communion Service, “Holy Communion” by The Brilliance, enjoy the video for “Hands and Feet”

You can learn more about The Brilliance here.

Video Friday: Chi Alpha

Chi Alpha has produced two brand new promotional videos. You can view and download a great  or a story of how Chi Alpha is impacting the local church by clicking on the videos below.