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The Process of Nominating Board Members – Part 2

by Tom Jacobs

Yesterday, we started a conversation about the process of nominating board members. You can read it here. Here is the continuation of our conversation:

6. Determine the candidates’ willingness to be considered.  This is typically done best via a phone call or personal visit.  It doesn’t necessarily need to be a long conversation at this point.  Simply ask the person to prayerfully consider the possibility.  If he/she doesn’t give you an immediate answer, set a time to get back together in order to get their response.

7. Complete the questionnaire.  If the individual is willing for their name to be considered, ask him/her to complete a questionnaire.  You can get a sample questionnaire through the IMN office.  Set a time when you can get together (include his/her spouse if appropriate) to review the questionnaire and to discuss the possibility of serving on the board.

8. Meet for an interview.  The interview (including a review of the questionnaire) should be a relaxed time, allowing for an hour, to discuss the “job description” of a board member, the vision of the church, the candidate’s feelings about serving, etc.

9. Finalize your list.  Once you’ve completed the interviews, meet again with the committee to finalize the list of candidates.

10. Present the names.  In accordance with your bylaws, present the names to the congregation prior to the business meeting.  You can do this by listing the names in the bulletin or posting them in the church lobby, etc.

11. During the business meeting.  It is inappropriate to allow any discussion about the candidates during the process of election during the business meeting.  You can explain to the congregation that the candidates’ eligibility has been reviewed by the nominating committee and that any questions regarding the candidates should have been addressed to the committee prior to the meeting.  Allowing discussion during the election can take on the appearance of campaigning and can serve to disrupt the voting process.

12. Once the election has taken place, bring the new board members forward for prayer and celebration.  Be sure to thank all those who allowed their names to stand for the election process.

I’ve discovered that an agreed upon strategy is very helpful to guide the candidate process as it moves forward.  I hope that your church will find a process similar to this one beneficial.  Remember to pray at every stage and in-between.  I am praying that God will lead you to your future leadership!


The Process of Nominating Board Members – Part 1

by Tom Jacobs

Healthy churches are led by healthy leadership teams.  As pastors and boards work well together, churches function more effectively in achieving their God-given mission.  Therefore, it is imperative that qualified individuals are nominated (and eventually elected) to local church boards.  These individuals will demonstrate a blend of character, competence, capacity, calling and chemistry.  Following are some items to consider when nominating your future board members.

1. Pray.  God has a plan for your church leadership.  This is a spiritual process in which your church enters the process of discovering the will of God for your future leadership.  Prayer should be an integral in every step of the process.

2. Follow your bylaws.  It is imperative that you follow your bylaws in order for this process to be legitimate.  If you feel that your current bylaws do not prescribe the best board nominating process, you must lead the church to consider changing the bylaws.  It is best to consider a bylaw change prior to the nomination and election process, so that it is not influence by a specific election or an individual who has been nominated.  Proposing changes can take time, but it is always best to follow the process.  If you need assistance along these lines, contact our office.

3. Form your team.  Your bylaws may prescribe a process of appointing a nominating committee.  You may be allowed to simply charge your board with the responsibility of serving as a nominating committee.  Whatever the case, you will want to have individuals on this committee who understand the leadership issues that the board will face.

4. Know what you’re looking for.  The more qualified the board members, the more effective the board will be.  Look for leaders who demonstrate Christ-like character, competence (the skill set to provide solid, spiritual leadership), capacity (do they have the time and emotional and relational reserves?),  calling (does he/she believe this role is God’s will for his/her life?), and chemistry (will he/she be a good fit with the pastor and current board members?). A suggested Board Member Ministry Description can be found here.

5. Develop your list.  Meet with your nominating committee to pray and discuss possible candidates.  Prior to arriving at the meeting, produce a roster of eligible church members for the committee to review.  Develop a list of candidates.  If possible, place at least two names for each available position.

6. Determine the candidates’ willingness to be considered.  This is typically done best via a phone call or personal visit.  It doesn’t necessarily need to be a long conversation at this point.  Simply ask the person to prayerfully consider the possibility.  If he/she doesn’t give you an immediate answer, set a time to get back together in order to get their response.

Check back tomorrow for Part 2!

One Who Leads

by Matt Loomis

A leader is one who leads. What an oversimplified definition of the responsibility and dedication required to be a leader! Leading often means choosing and or doing what is right or best even when it is not advantageous to the leader. At times it is costly and brings hardships upon a leader. But the essence of leadership is putting the success and interests of others before our own.

Whether as a leader of peers, a leader in the home or the leader of God’s people, leaders are interested in modeling what is right. Perhaps a child seeing a parent return extra change to a cashier who has made a mistake or a peer who has a shoulder to lean on in harsh times. Those who rely on us deserve a leader who will stand in the face of compromise. We are to be leaders who look to those around us and say, “I will do what is right.”

Pilate, the Roman Governor who found no fault in Jesus, was a leader by title. His voice carried the power to direct the life or death of Jesus. Yet when confronted by the possibility of an angry mob, blackmail by religious leaders, and the loss of position, he washed his leadership from his hands and stepped away. Although fully aware of what was right, he chose position over principle.

May leaders remember that principle: the essentials of true leadership has always been the bedrock of a leader. Without it every leader will fail. They may retain a title, but they forfeit their leadership.

Let’s determine to be more than just, “one who leads.” Instead be a leader!

You are a Leader

by Brad Thomas

“You’re a leader even if you don’t feel like a leader.  Even if you don’t think you’re a leader.  People are watching you because you’re on stage in a leadership position.  Therefore, you are a leader.  Be conscious of that.  Act like that.  You ARE a leader.”  This was a common word of encouragement I gave to my worship teams during my days as a worship leader at our church.  I was reminding the team that people watch our lifestyles and actions and form opinions – both good and bad.

What kind of impression are we as churches and pastors leaving for our communities in the way we handle our finances?

I Timothy 3 discusses the qualifications of church leaders and pastors.  The very first requirement, in verse 2, is to be “above reproach.”    The Greek word here means “not to be laid hold of,” or, in laymen’s terms, “above legitimate criticism.”  This includes our business dealings and personal finances.  How does this look from a practical standpoint?

Do you as a pastor or leader:

  • Tithe?
  • Have a family or personal budget?
  • Live within that budget?
  • Pay your bills on time?
  • Practice honesty and integrity in your business and personal dealings?

Does your church:

  • Tithe?
  • Have a budget?
  • Live within that budget?
  • Pay its bills on time?
  • Practice honesty and integrity in its business and community dealings?

Our communities (and more importantly God) are watching us.  We are community leaders whether we feel like it or not.  We are community leaders whether we think we are or not.  As pastors, leaders and churches we are in community leadership because of our position.  Be conscious of that.  Act like that.  You ARE a leader in your community!  Lead with financial integrity!

Fall Conference Promo Videos Available!

You can download the fall conference videos today! You can get the Convoy of Hope Vision Video here and the Fall Conference Teaser here. In order to download these videos, you’ll need to create a free account. Once your account is created, click on the blue “Download this video” text beneath the “about this video tab on the right (see below).

Also, we have a screen ad available for you to download and use to promote fall conference in your church and youth group. You can download it by clicking here. Keep reading to for more information about promoting fall conference!

By now, you should have received a packet with all the information you need to spread the word about the Fall RedCulture Conference! (If you haven’t received yours, please contact our office at (515)276.5493.) But how do you know what you should do with all the information you receive?

In your packet, you will find a number of great resources including a conference bookletmapsregistration informationposters and sign-up forms to help you publicize Fall Conference with your students.

The conference booklet is a great resource for you as you organize your trip. It includes a note from Heath, things to know about the RedCulture Conference and Convoy of Hope Outreach, a suggested promotional timeline to help you plan to get the word out to your students, a conference schedule, hotel recommendations (with reduced rate information) and a concierge list with things to do and places to eat in Des Moines. It is a wealth of great information, so you’ll want to make sure to read it thoroughly and share the information with your leadership team.

The map will help you get around downtown Des Moines. It outlines the skywalks, parking, and free shuttles available. It also has detailed directions to Hy Vee Hall and the Events Center.

The registration form is for you to fill out and send to the Iowa Ministry Network office. This form needs to be postmarked by October 24th and accompanied by a church check for the amount of the deposit in order for you to receive the early bird rate of $47. In all of your communication with your students, you will want to make sure that your in-church registration deadline allows plenty of time for you to gather the information you need to register with IMN before October 24th to ensure that your group gets registered at the reduced rate. (For example, you may want to make your in-church registration deadline Wednesday, October 19th, to allow time for students to get their deposit in so that you can get your registration and deposit in the mail by Monday, October 24th. See the promotional timeline in your conference booklet for more information.) Students can still register after October 24th, but the registration cost is $60. Keep in mind that any registrations received after November 9th will be considered walk-ons and charged the full $75 registration fee. Please be sure to send one check for the entire deposit (or total fee). Personal checks (unless written for the entire deposit amount) or cash will not be accepted. Fees will be the same for both youth and adults. Before you mail this form into the IMN office, you’ll want to make a copy to keep for your own records. Unchurched/unsaved students are welcome to attend at no cost. If you have any questions about registration information, please contact Vanessa at or (515)276-5493.

The poster is for you to hang around your youth room, lobby and church. It will help to build excitement with your students and offer important information for parents. Posters are included in your promotional packet, but can be easily reproduced on 11×17 paper. If your church doesn’t have a color copier, you can make copies through your local office or copy store.

The sign-up forms are for use within your church. It will help you to know who is interested in going, how to contact them and who has paid. You do not need to turn this form into the IMN office.

Again, if you have any questions, please contact Vanessa Schaad at or (515)276-5493. We are looking forward to an incredible weekend and all that God is going to do in and through the students of Iowa!

e2 Preview

Encouraging and equipping is the theme for the annual e2 conference which will be next Monday and Tuesday! All women in ministry are encouraged to attend the Monday sessions with Mike Clarensau. On Tuesday, we will enjoy a great technology lab and then at 10:30, we will enjoy a lab specifically designed for women in ministry led by Gay Hunsberger, followed by a delicious luncheon at Echo Valley Country Club (this lunch is free for all women who register for e2, or $20 for the luncheon only).

Our time together will include great door prizes, a free resource table, a time to connect and encourage one another, exciting news of upcoming events and ideas for ministry to women.

I’ll also have news about a great opportunity to stay connected and grow together as we begin to understand God’s love revealed to us. Starting on October 3rd, we will begin a study together, continuing the conversation on our social media outlets!

Can’t wait to see you there!

You can still register for e2 here, learn more about our great lab speakers here or learn how to win an iPad here.

e2 Preview

The e2 Conference is right around the corner! We are busy making plans and preparing for an incredible time together! We hope that you are making plans to be with us!

For the labs and service on Monday, we will have Mike Clarensau of the A/G Healthy Church Network and author of From Belonging to Becoming. Mike brings a wealth of knowledge about pastoring, leadership and church revitalization.

On Tuesday, we will have some technology experts from Disciple Portal available to help us understand and utilize some great new resources available to help us reach out to our communities. Gay Hunsberger will lead a lab designed specifically for women in ministry (more on that tomorrow). Meanwhile, Pastor Larry Sohn will share some helpful insights on leading board meetings and managing group dynamics within a church board. After lunch, Matt Loehr of Dare to be Different will talk with us about marriage mentoring. Mark Entziminger, Assemblies of God Senior Director of Children’s Ministries, will lead a lab about the exciting things happening in children’s ministries in our movement. Tuesday evening, Pastor Larry will be with us again for the evening service.

Click here to learn more about the lab speakers, how you can win an iPad2 or to register for e2. We hope to see you there!